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studio MINNIMO is an independent creative studio specialized in stop motion animation. An artisanal animation technique that consists of creating the illusion of movement by photographing static objects that are moved in each photo to achieve an animated sequence. It is an artistic discipline that involves the construction of authentic stages, sets, elements and puppets, so it is necessary to have knowledge of modeling, painting, drawing, photography, lighting, animation, ... and even design, modeling and 3D printing.


Professional puppets for stop motion animation that we build from character design, modeling, ball & socket armatures, molds, positives, modeling expressions, painting, making clothes,...


Shorts, experiments, stop motion animation exercises of own projects, or realization of advertisements, promotional videos or training for clients who want original and creative work.


3D modeling of characters, props or scenarios. As well as elements or facial expressions for 3D printing. Motion graphics, digital composition, postproduction, editing and digital edition.