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Julián Gómez

Stop motion animator

Julián Gómez - Stop motion animator


I remember as a child drawing in the corners of books, then letting the pages slide under my thumb and see a bouncing ball or a walking doll.

My first approach to animation was making small animations in Super 8. Then came the digital cameras, the clay, the wire and any object became the material to animate in exercises and experiments. I made small animation pieces and some works that were selected in festivals.

In 2010 I did a 5 month stop motion animation course at Ars Animation School in Madrid, which helped me to learn more about this technique. Animating multiplane tables with cut-outs, objects, painting on glass,... with armatures ball & socket or pixilation. I worked modeling and making molds, but above all, to study movement, to learn to analyze how things move and capture them by drawing from traditional 2D animation or stop motion, animating cycles of biped, quadruped, lipsync, acting,...

From there I have continued to investigate on my own, and I even started in the modeling and 3D animation world, but my great passion is still the stop motion.

My skills

My skills are mainly stop motion animation using cut-outs, objects, puppets or humans, but also 2D or 3D animation. I have skill drawing, sculpting, painting, ... both analogue and digital. And that facility with DIY, crafts and technology, so necessary in stop motion to solve any problem and take forward this type of project.

Character design55%

Armature maker60%

Model maker70%