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Rafael Vidal

Model & armature maker

Rafael Vidal - Character design - model & armature maker


I´m licensed in Fine Arts, I'm specialized in character design and I have a special interest in animation. I started to model miniatures, to totally static characters that I imagined moved to the modeled one, for this reason I gave the jump to stop motion. I work as a 2D and 3D artist, as well as learning about topics related to the audiovisual world, sculpture, drawing and, above all, stop motion, the technique that most seduces me. I make armatures in steel and brass to stop motion, model the characters and sculpt the interchangeable heads in 3D with Zbrush and then print them in 3D.

I am able to generate the whole process from the concept of 2D art, to sculpting by hand or in 3D with topology, UV design, textures, lighting and final render. I usually work with Zbrush, Blender and Photoshop although I have the facility to adapt to any program.

+34 636 880 545

My skills

My skills are composition, sculpture, drawing, digital painting, digital sculpture, character modeling, character design, 3D modeling, as well as photography and lighting. The stop motion technique requires having a multitude of knowledge and skills to fully address a project of this type and solve the continuous problems that arise in the production process, so the versatility of my profile is perfectly suited to this technique.

Character design75%

Armature maker60%

Model maker80%