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Bilmo - Character design puppet stop motion

Character design

Character & prop

We draw the character in frontal and side view, we color it based on the defined color palette. We create 20 face expressions for vocalization and expression. Finally we create a prop with the same look of the character.

Facial expressions
Prop design

Character modeling

Head, face, body & shoes

We define the different parts of the character to be able to animate their face by replacement. We design each piece in the most efficient way to conceal the joints between the pieces as much as possible. We model in plasticine the sneakers, then the body helping us with a wire structure and finally the head that we divide into 3 parts:

Base of the head

Bear in mind the eyes that are integrated in it, for which we have purchase realistic 14mm eyes that we preparate and adjust themto achieve the best integration.

Base face

Modeling without the lower teeth and with a hollow, to model on it all facial expressions.

Upper hair

Carefully modeling to strategically conceal the joints between face and head.

Lower teeth

To use them later in every of the facial expressions where they are necessary to achieve maximum similarity.

Head modeling
Face modeling
Body modeling
Shoes modeling


Head, face, teeth & shoes

We make the mold of each of the parts. For sneakers and body are rigid resin molded with aluminum powder. However, for the parts of the head are soft silicone molds.

We replicate of the body and sneakers in casting silicone for the puppet can move. The parts of the head we will do in casting resins, making a copy of the base of the head and the upper hair, but for the face we need 20 copies that, together with the 10 copies of resin of the lower teeth, we will to use in each one of the facial expressions.

Facial expression modeling

Vocalization & gestures

We model the different facial expressions with epoxi putty in each of the resin face bases created, using the lower teeth for the expressions in which they are seen. We also create several types of tongue that are used with some expressions, also eyebrows and eyelids.

Expressions modeling
Expressions modeling
Expressions modeling


Ball & socket

We design a custom armature with the dimensions of the created model. The design shown will be modified to achieve a better movement of shoulders and arms.

We work pieces ball turning on a 5mm steel bar and using the rectangular brass bar to create each joint as hip, shoulders, elbows, knees and ankles. The feet will have a threaded hole to be able to fix with M2 screw.

Armature design


Work in progress

Puppet construction

The process of building a puppet is long and laborious. Requires knowledge of many techniques such as drawing, painting, modeling, metal machining, molding, 3D modeling, 3D printing and some other skills. Handling tools such as lathe, milling machine, cutting saw, 3D printer or airbrush, among others. And know how to use chemicals like resins, silicones, latex, tints, paints,... That's why we want to show you in detail the progress rate of each phase.

Currently the models model some expressions of the face, modify some elements of the armor to make more functional and make the wire ways, create the body mold and its positive in silicone with the integrated armor, paint it and make the clothes.

Character design100%

Character modeling100%





Project Description

Bilmo is an 11 years old boy created for a stop motion short not yet performed.

A stop motion puppet making entirely by us from the character design, designing and modeling each part of the character with the face to replacement animation, design and construction of metal ball joints armature, as well as the making of molds for the positives of each one of the parts.

Project Details

Work in progress

Progress | 57%


Personal project


  • Character design
  • Character modeling
  • Molds
  • Armature maker