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Eye design 2.0


Project Description

This eye has been designed to insert it into a head of a stop motion puppet. An eye of high range to make easier the work of the animator, getting a smooth and precise movement of the eyeball, upper and lower eyelids.

Also, we have sought the maximum versatility to be able to use them with different types of puppets and face shapes, hence its articulated base that allows to adapt to faces with eyes close together and separate.

It would have to make a 3D impression of high quality, as its pieces are very small, they must have a very polished surface and with the well defined detail to achieve a good performance. Only industrial 3D printers, today, achieve this precision, but unfortunately these are too expensive for our studio.


Project Details


Progress | 100%


Personal Proyect


  • Model maker
  • Industrial design
  • 3D design