Lucius 3D model color render

Character design

Character & props

We developed Lucius, making an anatomical study of the character in order to define his interpretation and movements. It turned out to be quite interesting, because the anatomy itself limited the way of walking, having short legs would be peculiar, and the oscillating movement of the belly, would provide that feeling of weight that we were looking for.


Body & head

We design the body and head, defining the face as a part to encourage by substitution. We studied the design of the eyes, their mobility, the eyebrows, the hair, etc ... Dividing Lucius in different parts to later remove the molds. So, the body would model it whole, hands, shoes and head would go apart. In this way we would leave three molds, one for the body, another for the shoes and another for the hands. The head would treat it differently, since it required much more work.

Lucius 3D model color render
Lucius 3D model color render
Lucius 3D model color render
Lucius 3D model color render


Ball & socket

We design the armature based on the physiognomy of the character and taking into account its animation, fixing the feet to the ground with M2 screws or holding it with a rig.

Armature design Lucius
Lucius 3D model color render
Lucius 3D model color render
Lucius 3D model color render


Eyeball & eyelids

One of the main challenges of a stop motion puppet is always the eyes. The main problem that we usually find in its design is its functionality and durability. The eyes are one of the parts of the expression of a puppet that most influences the spectator, along with the corporal gestures. More than 50% of the expression is given by its movement, by the eyelids and eyebrows, which together transmit a multitude of information to the viewer. For Lucius eyes we look for a functional design, we started with version 1.0, we evolved to version 2.0, which you can find in the portfolio, and at the end we choose, by budget, eyes anchored with magnets and eyelids by replacement.

3D Modeling & 3D printing

Head & facial expressions

The output of the 3D printers to the market caused a qualitative leap in terms of the possibilities in stop motion productions, and our studio did not want to stay out of this way.

To print the heads in 3D was a key decision, since we reduced time and cost of manufacture of the puppet. The 3D modeling allowed us to divide the head in two very precise sections, one for the part of the eyebrows and another for the part of the mouths, thus obtaining infinite expressions. This type of process helps us to mix the more artistic side with the more technological side.

Lucius model & armature


Work in progress

Puppet construction

The construction of Lucius is quite complex. Its realistic style has made us redesign during the process of creating parts of the physiognomy of the character. Throughout its construction we have carried out a continuous research study to obtain a professional and effective stop motion stop puppet, solving different problems that were emerging. This project is still unfinished, so we want to show you in detail the rate of progress of each phase.

Currently we have to print in 3D some expressions of the face, finish the armature, create the body mold, create a positive silicone from the mold with the integrated armature and paint it.

Character design100%

Character modeling100%



3D printing35%


Project Description

Lucius is a puppet built to animate by the technique of stop motion. For this character we analyze all the points of the design and cover all the production of the same.

The process of constructing one of these puppets is complicated, since it is necessary to define its visual aspect and study its construction. The first of these puppets takes much more work because much time is devoted to research and design.

For Lucius, we started with some concepts, defined the style of the character, applied to the design of facial exchanges to be able to work better expressivity, and armatures with ball & joint to achieve precise movements in his animation.

We used many different materials, testing the possibilities of each one of them, and thus to be able to understand the limitations that offered us, for the future.

To construct this stop motion puppet we have used several techniques, from traditional modeling to 3D modeling, digital painting or 3D printing.

Project Details

Work in progress

Progress | 41%


Personal project


  • Personal design
  • Model maker
  • Mold
  • Armature maker
  • 3D modeling
  • 3D printing