Three alternative models design


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Concetp art

Art & design


Modeling, armatures & spacecraft


Original soundtrack

Jorge García Jiménez has been responsible for making the soundtrack, as well as sound and FX design. Here you can listen to three composite tracks for this project.


Work in progress

We have written the script, the character design, the concept art, storyboard, soundtrack, sound design and effects, as well as character modeling, monsters and some props. The production of a short stop motion of these characteristics entails the realization of a lot of materials and sets that require great mastery for its manufacture, but mainly a lot of money, which is why this project is stopped until financing is obtained.

And although it is not finished, we want to thank the unconditional collaboration of David Suárez, Alberto Martínez, Inmaculada Nieto and Jorge García Jiménez, who have supported us throughout these years of work and enthusiasm.




Project Description

3010, Dayton Emery is the commander of the Melanocetus and is exploring with his crew the possible habitable universes. He is in command of a crew composed of two men and a woman who have remained in space after several years. Once in Nocturne, they discover a hole in the shape of a well that contains water inside. After the successful discovery, something seizes their minds entering a claustrophobic atmosphere, in which human psychology will be conditioned by the liquid and will face their most intimate fears.

STARSEED is a short film that will be made using the stop motion technique. This technique consists in pretending the movement of static objects by means of a series of successive images.

The idea of creating STARSEED was born out of a passion for the science fiction genre in literature, movies and comics. The objective is not only to create an animated short with the appeal of science fiction and horror films, but to touch the feelings of the spectator and make him reflect on his own human condition, taking his characters to extreme situations.

Project Details


Progress | 10%


Stop motion animation




20 minutes


Digital - Aspect Ratio: 2:35:1 (Cinemascope)


Personal project


  • Character Design
  • Model Maker
  • Armature Maker